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The Macroscope is a sharehouse of people interested in effective altruism and rationality.

The Macroscope has existed since July 2016. We used to hold events for various communities, but we now moved to a location that's smaller and farther from downtown, so we're hosting less events. At our peak we were 18 people; we currently are 4-5.

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— Stay with us —


Short-term stays

If you're interested in staying at the Macroscope for a few days / weeks, reach out to us at We usually charge 20 CAD per night. For people in the rationalist, effective altruism or cryonics community, we don't charge anything for the first 3 nights.


Long-term stays

If you're interested in living at the Macroscope for more than a month, please email us, and we'll let you know if we have space.

— Location —

Last updated: 2019-07-15